Linoleum is manufactured from renewable resources: linseed oil, rosin, wood floor, cork powder, and pigments. Its durability and wide range of colors and patterns make it an attractive choice for many home and business owners. As a natural product, this is a very environmentally-friendly option for those who are Earth-conscious. It can be used for flooring, stair treads, and risers.

Linoleum can hold up strong for up to 40 years! This makes it ideal for high-traffic areas, as it doesn't show scuffs or scratches and is easy to clean. Other benefits include that it is waterproof, flexible, biodegradable, and antibacterial. Linoleum is often used in schools, hospitals, doctor offices, and other public areas for these very reasons. Prince Carpet & Floors uses a low-VOC adhesive, keeping the level of fumes and contaminants to an all-time low.

If you’re looking for durable, easy-to-maintain flooring for your high-traffic area, consider purchasing linoleum from Prince Carpet & Floors.

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